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Leon's story

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Alan’s story

Alan’s been in treatment with Swanswell since 2004. He stopped using illicit substances some time ago but found coming off his methadone prescription a big challenge.

Prior to using The Swanswell Recovery Model interventions, Alan had been attempting to reduce his medication gradually. Alan had many anxieties around reducing his methadone. This meant the reductions had been sporadic and slow, leaving him feeling further de-motivated and lacking in confidence of his ability to become medication free.

Using The Swanswell Recovery Model, Alan and his practitioner were able to explore different treatment options. Alan was able to explore his anxieties around reducing, and used the interventions in The Swanswell Recovery Model to re-state his recovery goals and increase his confidence to achieve them.

A few months later, Alan successfully completed a community detox, supported by his practitioner and GP. To date Alan remains illicit drug and methadone free, and has exited drug treatment after eight years.

Mary’s story

Mary’s drug problems stemmed from a difficult home life. Mary explains her troubles below.

‘While growing up, my home life was unstable. My parents regularly used drugs and I was abused by my uncle.

My relationship with my partner is volatile.

I don’t think a lot of myself. In the past when using drugs I had no interest in sex and I usually switched off and went through the motions”.

When I came off drugs and during my journey towards recovery with Swanswell, I thought I’d like to enjoy sex and so was referred to their sex and wellbeing service.

At Swanswell I’ve been able to discuss my problems and open up about many things including things that have happened in the past.

I’ve successfully completed drug treatment and am taking steps forward with my self esteem and body confidence. It’ll take time but at least I’m on the right path.’

Nick’s story

Nick explains how he's managed to turnaround his life since seeking help from Swanswell.

I’ve had problems throughout my life and unfortunately ended up taking drugs; my life just seemed to spiral out of control after that.

I started seeing someone from Swanswell and, at first; it didn’t seem to help much. This was probably because I wasn’t ready to give up. When I started working with Lassandra, she asked me how I wanted her to act towards my addiction; I told her I need you to be strict with me”.

I heard about Fircroft College from previous drug workers and had considered enrolling, but never really got around to it. Lassandra sent off an application for me and before I knew it, I was on a confidence building course.

Whilst there, I was also offered a place on the coping with stress course and someone also suggested I do the gateway to learning course. When on the stress course, I took an English test and received the highest mark in the class. It was around this time that my tutor asked me if I was considering going to university as I could take the access to uni course at Fircroft.

Since then, I have been back to Fircroft a number of times to complete courses in ICT for beginners, Word processing for beginners and health and fitness for life. I want to do a few more courses this year, including the access to uni course. My goal is to go to university to do counselling so I can become a drug worker and help others like I have been helped.

I owe a lot of this success to Lassandra. Without her encouragement, I wouldn’t have pushed myself to do what I’ve done. Best of all, I haven’t had any drugs in such a long time. Some days it’s difficult, but I feel a lot better and I’m able to cope with more. Hopefully, I’ll achieve my goals.’

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Christopher’s story

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