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24 January 2014

Swanswell’s giving you the chance to win a FREE personal breathalyser in our online competition.  

The Elite breathalyser from AlcoSense (worth £59.99) is winner of the What Car? Best Breathalyser under £100, and is fast, reliable and accurate.  

To be in with a chance of winning one, click here (terms and conditions apply). 

Why would I need one?
In 2012, 280 people were killed in drink-drive related accidents in the UK, accounting for around one in six of all road deaths.

Any amount of alcohol can affect your ability to drive safely – judgement and reaction times are affected, and the risk of causing serious injury or even death is greatly increased.

Even if you’re driving the morning after a night of heavy drinking, you could still be over the limit – putting your own life and the lives of others at risk.

If you’re caught, you could receive anything from a fine, driving ban and compulsory drink-drive rehabilitation course to a prison sentence.

The only way to be sure you’re not over the limit, is not to drink at all if you’re driving. If you have to get behind the wheel the morning after, pass your personal breathalyser test instead of failing a police officer’s.  

More information
To find out more about how alcohol can affect the body and for harm minimisation advice, visit our alcohol information pages.







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