Talking to children about alcohol is a step in the right direction says Swanswell

26 March 2013

Swanswell believes that encouraging parents to talk with their children about alcohol is a step in the right direction to tackle alcohol misuse.

The national charity, which wants to achieve a society free from problem alcohol and drug misuse, is responding to news today that Staffordshire County Council is launching a campaign to encourage parents to talk with their children about alcohol.

The campaign, spread over several weeks, will provide encouragement, tips and advice on how parents can approach the topic of alcohol with their children.

Chris Robinson, Director of Services said: ‘Talking with your children about alcohol is a great way to raise their awareness of the dangers of drinking and will encourage them to talk with their parents if they start to have a problem however, parents also need  to look at their own drinking habits. We know underage drinking has reduced significantly in the last 10 years but we also know that some parents also supply their children with alcohol.’

‘A number of people we have spoken with in our own alcohol services have told us they started drinking at problem levels in their early teens but they didn’t recognise this as a problem because it was normal in their own household – so what the parents do is often passed on to their children.’







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