Let’s talk about sex...and wellbeing, Swanswell says

14 February 2012

Conversations about sex and wellbeing should be as open and easy as possible according to national charity Swanswell, which has developed an innovative way to treat sexual dysfunction.

Many people will know that 14 February is Valentine’s Day but it’s also National Impotence Day, a chance to talk about sexual dysfunction and highlight the help available.

Sexual dysfunction can be caused by physical problems (such as illness or injury), psychological issues or a combination of both, for example anxiety following heart surgery.

Swanswell understands that for some, talking about sexual health can be difficult, so the national charity’s developed a service model to identify and treat sexual dysfunction using screening and simple brief interventions.

Swanswell’s Sex and Wellbeing Model is being designed to be used during the course of other treatment accessed by clients and across a range of healthcare services like doctors’ surgeries, drug and alcohol misuse services and family planning clinics.

Chris Robinson, Swanswell’s Director of Services, said: ‘Many people find asking for help with sexual health problems difficult because they feel embarrassed or uncomfortable talking about it.

So Swanswell’s designed a model that would allow people to discuss problems in their own time and in familiar surroundings. It helps identify any issues early on and provides access to appropriate treatment quickly,  whether that’s simple interventions or further help through other appropriate health professionals.’

After completing a small scale pilot, Swanswell’s rolled the model out to a larger area of Birmingham– the results of this are due out in the coming months.







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