Swanswell’s Recovery Model produces impressive results

02 November 2011

Swanswell’s found that clients are twice as likely to either stop their use of prescribed methadone or significantly reduce it, using the national charity’s new Recovery Model.

The findings come from a pilot of this recovery approach to treatment designed by the national charity, which helps people overcome drug, alcohol and other problem behaviour.

These results were released as part of a presentation to delegates at the Substance Misuse Management in General Practice (SMMGP) national primary care conference in Birmingham last month (13 October).

Representatives from Swanswell were invited to the event to talk about their new Recovery Model, which puts the client in charge of their own recovery journey.

During a six month pilot, the national charity monitored two groups – one control group and one group using the new Recovery Model, developed by Swanswell.

In addition to the change in rates of clients stopping or reducing their use of prescribed methadone, the recovery approach results in a 168% increase in the number of clients referred for detox.

Chris Robinson, Swanswell’s Director of Services, said: ‘Swanswell’s Recovery Model puts the client in charge of their recovery journey and places greater emphasis on the importance of their support networks, as close friends and family have an important  part to play in their successful recovery.

Delegates at the conference were very impressed with the results we’ve achieved during the pilot and were very interested in finding out how the model could work for them.

We’re really excited about the Recovery Model and are looking forward to helping integrate this in to treatment in the future.’







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