Swanswell urge parents not to give their children alcohol to celebrate this results day

19 August 2015

With GCSE results day just around the corner, Swanswell is calling on parents to think twice before giving their children alcohol to celebrate their achievements.

Whether for a post-exam party, a festival or a holiday, a Drinkaware survey found that 23% of parents give their children alcohol. And with those aged 14-17 receiving an average of 9 units, equivalent to a bottle of wine or four cans of beer, the effect on these children is detrimental.

Debbie Bannigan, Swanswell Chief Executive said: ‘It’s clear from these statistics that the majority of parents do not give their children alcohol and that is something we must remember. However these statistics are particularly worrying, given the large amount of alcohol given by parents and the fact that buying alcohol for children is illegal.

‘The impact on children can include weight gain, headaches and disturbed sleep, alongside other conditions such as the development of mental health problems.

‘With 1 in 5 parents saying they have no understanding about alcohol or aren’t aware of any medical guidance at all, it’s clear that better and consistent education is needed for parents and children alike. I would encourage any parent to visit our website which has lots of information about the effects of alcohol and how to minimise harm: www.swanswell.org.’







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