Swanswell’s response to alcohol-related admissions rise

25 August 2011

Swanswell’s response to a national story about an increase of 900 alcohol-related hospital admissions a day, compared to five years ago.

It follows a report from the North West Public Health Observatory revealed that almost 1.1million people were admitted in to hospital in 2009/10 with alcohol-related issues and that Blackpool has the highest number of liver disease deaths in the UK (Daily Mail).

Debbie Bannigan, Swanswell’s Chief Executive, said: ‘We know there is much to do to tackle the root causes of the UK’s addiction to alcohol, so today’s figures don’t come as a surprise.

‘But they should be a wake-up call to everyone to re-think their relationship with alcohol and the damaging effects it can have on health, relationships and much more. 

‘Tackling problematic alcohol use is something everyone must take responsibility for – it’s too important an issue to leave to government to solve on its own.

‘There are already great services available such as Swanswell’s hospital liaison service - which takes help and support directly to the patient’s bedside - that do brilliant work, achieve positive results and save the public purse a fortune.’







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