Maggie Philbin helps Swanswell highlight unsung community heroes

08 June 2011

Presenter Maggie Philbin is joining Swanswell to raise awareness of unsung community heroes that help loved ones recover from alcohol and/or drugs misuse.

Next week is Carers week (13 to 19 June 2011) and the television star, who is also a trustee of the national charity, is lending her support to recognise and celebrate the contribution that the UK’s six million carers1 make to the lives of millions of people.

It’s also an opportunity to identify hidden carers – those people who may not even realise how important their often unrecognised role is – and to highlight the support available to reduce the impact it has on their own life.

One in eight adults in the UK is a carer and Swanswell knows that people who help friends or relatives affected by drug and/or alcohol misuse are among those unsung heroes within the community.

Caring for someone with a substance misuse problem can be very worrying, isolating and have a profound effect on their own life.

Maggie has personal experience of supporting someone through alcohol misuse.

She  said: ‘Having lived with someone who was affected by alcohol misuse, I know how isolating and emotionally difficult an experience it is to deal with – not knowing where to turn or who to talk to.

However, it’s given me a helpful insight that I’ve been able to put to good use in recent years by supporting friends who’ve been affected in the same way.

Carers week is not only a great opportunity to recognise the work of millions of people who support friends and family with substance misuse problems but also to make them aware of the help available to them, so their life isn’t adversely affected as well.

Swanswell’s carers support service in Barnsley is one of many services that provide much needed help and advice that really can make a difference to people’s lives.’







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