Swanswell’s helping reduce England’s growing alcohol-related admissions

27 May 2011

Swanswell’s helping reduce the number of alcohol-related hospital admissions across England with an innovative service that brings support direct to the patient.

Following news from an NHS Information Centre report this week that admissions across the country increased by 12% from 945,000 in 2008/09 to 1,027,000 in 2009/10, the national charity is highlighting the success it’s had with its hospital liaison project.

Swanswell currently works with three hospitals in the Midlands to identify people who have been admitted with an alcohol-related problem and takes support directly to them at a time they need it most.

At the University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire, of those patients referred to the service in 2010/11, 80 per cent weren’t then re-referred in to alcohol services after being supported by Swanswell.

Meanwhile a pilot is currently taking place in Birmingham where patients are referred in to Swanswell by hospital liaison staff at Birmingham’s Heartland’s hospital.

More than half of those referred in to this service have had fewer alcohol-related admissions since working with Swanswell – a third of which haven’t been re-admitted for alcohol-related problems at all (September 2010 to April 2011).

Elsewhere Swanswell’s hospital liaison service has just been introduced at Nuneaton’s George Eliot hospital.

With the cost per alcohol-related admission estimated at £1,540 - £2,120 (National Institute for Health and Excellence, 2010), the hospital liaison service could save the public purse hundreds of thousands of pounds every year.

Debbie Bannigan, Chief Executive of Swanswell, said: ‘It’s worrying how the number of cases of alcohol-related admissions are increasing across the country but the results of our hospital liaison project show that something can be done to stop that growth.

We’ve found that by taking that support directly to the patient while they are in hospital dramatically reduces the chance of them being re-admitted with the same problem, while increasing the likelihood of an effective recovery from alcohol misuse.

‘Swanswell is always happy to share best practice with other organisations who may benefit from our knowledge and experience.’

To see a video about Swanswell’s hospital liaison service, visit www.youtube.com/TheSwanswellChannel.







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