Swanswell’s concerned over pound shop alcohol plans

05 July 2011

Swanswell’s concerned about plans for a chain of pound stores to start selling cut price alcohol.

According to reports in the Daily Mail today, Poundworld is planning to offer a wider grocery range including low-cost drinks such as lager and cider alongside other day-to-day items for less than a pound.

Debbie Bannigan, Swanswell’s Chief Executive, said: ‘It’s a very worrying prospect. While low price alcohol is already readily available in supermarkets, it’s less likely that high risk drinkers will buy their drinks from there in our experience and are more likely to buy from an off-licence for example.

However, pound stores could prove an attractive alternative because of the low prices and stack them high approach taken by many of these types of shops.

So we’d like to know what safeguards pound stores would put in place to make sure they were selling alcohol responsibly but the bigger question is do we really need another outlet for the sale of cheap drink?

There still seems to be a very muddled approach to problematic drinking – on one hand you’ve got the government introducing minimum pricing and on the other, you’ve got the possibility of really cheap alcohol being even more accessible.

We want to see a clear approach to tackling this problem and a sensible, national debate to discuss the best way forward.’








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