Swanswell celebrates the vital role of Trustees

31 October 2011

Swanswell’s taking time out to celebrate and recognise the vital role trustees play in ensuring the national charity helps people overcome drug, alcohol and other problem behaviour.

This week (31 October to 6 November) is Trustees’ Week  – the second annual celebration of trusteeship, organised by the Charity Commission and partners.

It aims to highlight the great work of trustees and draw attention to the opportunities to get involved in charity management.

Like many charities throughout the UK, Swanswell is managed by a Board of Trustees, made up of dedicated volunteers who have a wealth of experience relevant to the sector and to substance misuse.

They are responsible for directing the business of the charity, making decisions about finances, activities and plans for the future.

Swanswell’s Board of Trustees is currently made up of ten members and has led the national charity through some exciting times.

Over the last 12 months alone, they’ve made decisions to invest almost £4.5 million into substance misuse treatment services – saving the UK economy over £13.8 million in the cost of treatment1.

They’ve also steered the national charity to help more than 5700 people through their alcohol or drug treatment journey during 2010/11.

Under the Board of Trustees leadership, Swanswell’s been able to develop exciting programmes such as the Reducing Drug-Related Offending Programme, which saw a 71% reduction on spend on illegal drugs among clients compared to before they started.

In recent years, the national charity’s also created a successful Alcohol and Domestic Abuse Prevention programme, Carer Support Service and Hospital Liaison Service to name only some of the projects given the green light.

Debbie Bannigan, Swanswell’s Chief Executive, said: ‘Swanswell is incredibly lucky to have such a talented and experienced Board of Trustees, who really understand what we do and where we should be going as an organisation.

Trustees play a vital part in the management of a charity, so it seems only fitting to have a week that highlights their tireless, often unrecognised efforts to keep organisations such as Swanswell moving in the right direction.

Let’s not forget, trustees are volunteers so are giving up their free time to really make a difference to people’s lives.

Personally, I’d like to thank our own Board of Trustees for their continuing hard work and for making Swanswell everything it is today.’


  1. The saving to the UK economy is worked out as follows: For every £1 spent on alcohol treatment, £5 can be saved. Swanswell invested £1,055,574 in alcohol treatment in 2010/11, saving £5,277,870. For every £1 spent on drug treatment, there’s a £2.50 return to the UK Economy. Swanswell invested £3,415,437 in drug treatment in 2010/11, saving £8,538,592. Both savings added together equal just over £13.8 million.







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