Charity calls for national debate about tackling alcohol harm

28 December 2011

Swanswell’s welcoming reports in the papers this morning that minimum pricing is a step closer but believes more can be done to tackle the harm associated with alcohol misuse.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the Prime Minister has ‘ordered officials to develop a scheme in England to stop the sale of alcohol at below 40p to 50p a unit in shops and supermarkets’.

Reports suggest the scheme would generate around an extra £700 million a year, of which any extra tax revenue could potentially go to the NHS. 

Chris Robinson, Swanswell’s Director of Services, said: ‘It’s encouraging to see that the Prime Minister is seriously considering this important first step in tackling alcohol-related harm in the new year.

However, minimum pricing is only one aspect that should be considered – after all, society has to take responsibility for tackling the harm alcohol causes too, it’s something much bigger than any government, organisation or individual can do on its own.

With this in mind, we’re calling for a sensible, national debate about the harms of alcohol misuse and discuss the best way to move forward, so we’re not having the same conversation in ten years time.’







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