Swanswell asks, Alcohol – do you know your limits?

12 March 2015

With St Patrick’s Day just around the corner, Swanswell, a leading recovery charity, is urging people to take care of themselves when drinking alcohol.

Widely celebrated across the UK and abroad, St Patrick’s Day is well known as a day of festivities. Although not everybody will consume alcohol, many will and Swanswell is concerned about the lack of awareness around consumption and the impact alcohol has on people’s health.   

Debbie Bannigan, Chief Executive of Swanswell, said:

‘In 2009, only a quarter of people correctly said that one unit is less than a small glass of wine. This is very worrying.

‘If the majority of people are unaware of what a unit is, how can we expect people to drink responsibly and within the recommended daily limits?

‘St Patrick’s Day is a day of celebration and we want everybody to enjoy themselves. However, we also want people to think about how much alcohol they’re drinking and how it impacts on their bodies, their health and their ability to drive.

‘Many people will get in their car and drive to work the morning after St Patrick’s Day celebrations. We believe that drivers simply aren’t aware that alcohol can still be in their system for hours after they’ve finished drinking, even if they feel absolutely fine. In fact, one in five drivers admit driving the morning after they have had a lot to drink.’

‘There are lots of steps people can take to drink safely and reduce the impacts of alcohol, including drinking water between alcoholic drinks and swapping higher percentage alcoholic drinks for drinks with lower alcohol content.’

Swanswell’s website has lots of helpful tips and advice, not only on how to minimise the risks of drinking, but also about measuring units and drinking responsibly. To find out more visit: http://www.swanswell.org/helpful-information/alcohol







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