Substance misuse intervention training launched for midwives

27 April 2011

An innovative training programme to help midwives and health visitors identify substance misuse issues in pregnant women is being launched by Swanswell.

Swanswell - a national charity which wants to achieve a society free from alcohol and drug use – has been selected to deliver Substance Misuse Brief Intervention training in Coventry on behalf of the Infant Mortality Project, funded by Coventry Health Improvement Programme (CHIP).

The project aims to help midwives, health visitors and support staff with the early identification of pregnant women who misuse substances, and provide the appropriate support quickly by enhancing staff skills in this area.

It also looks to increase the number of referrals health staff make in to substance misuse services to improve the health outcomes for expectant mothers, which in turn can help reduce the number of substance misuse-related infant deaths.

Working with Coventry and Warwickshire’s Partnership NHS Trust, the training programme’s made up of two modules as well as an e-learning package, and is being designed and delivered to around 80 health professionals from next month (May 2011).

This  Substance Misuse Brief Intervention training will complement a recently launched Alcohol in Pregnancy Campaign, funded by NHS Coventry that highlights the dangers of drinking whilst pregnant, advocating the message: ‘Avoidance of alcohol in pregnancy is the safest option for you and your baby’.

Annie Steele, Midlands Regional Development Manager for Swanswell, said: ‘We know that Midwives and Health Visitors are very good at engaging with pregnant women,  and our training will expand on their existing skills and knowledge to help them understand how substance misuse impacts on general health - as well as health during pregnancy.

The health of the mother and child can improve if substance misuse is identified and treated early in pregnancy.’







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