Sandwell tops table for reducing reoffending

12 March 2014

Sandwell is the best local authority at reducing reoffending, according to the latest statistically significant government figures.

The borough is top of England and Wales in the Ministry of Justice table, with a reoffending rate that is 29.4% better than the government predicted rate.

Jane Connelly, Head of Sandwell Probation, said: ‘I feel so proud that at such a difficult time of change for the probation service, our staff are still able to deliver such tremendous results.  

Sandwell Probation is full of dedicated people who are committed to assisting those who have offended to make positive changes that are required to improve public safety.  

All Sandwell employees are a credit to the Probation Trust and to the community they serve.’ 

Swanswell is one of the partners working with Staffordshire and West Midlands Probation to reduce re-offending. 

Annie Steele, Swanswell’s Director of Central Region, said: ‘We’re delighted that the partnership in Sandwell and other areas across Staffordshire and the West Midlands is making such a positive difference to the lives of people living in the region.  

Swanswell is proud to be working with the probation service and is looking forward to continuing to build on the achievements we’ve all contributed too.’

Wolverhampton is sixth and Dudley seventh in the government chart, with reoffending rates 19.9% and 19.6% better than the baseline respectively.

Walsall and Solihull are 17 and 19 in the table, with reoffending rates 16.1% and 15.4% better than government predictions. Birmingham is 23 and Coventry 28, with rates 14.8% and 13.6% better than predicted.

All nine local authority areas in Staffordshire and West Midlands achieved better than predicted rates of reoffending - Staffordshire achieved 9.7%, and Stoke -on-Trent 0.4%.

Staffordshire and West Midlands Probation is the third best probation trust in the country at reducing reoffending. Neighbouring Warwickshire is first, and Nottinghamshire Probation is second.

Here are all nine Staffordshire and West Midlands Local Delivery Units, ranked out of 174 local authorities:

1. Sandwell: 29.4% better than predicted
6. Wolverhampton: 19.9% better than predicted
7. Dudley:19.6% better than predicted
17. Walsall: 16.1% better than predicted
19. Solihull: 15.4% better than predicted
23. Birmingham: 14.8% better than predicted
28. Coventry: 13.6% better than predicted
43. Staffordshire: 9.7% better than predicted
108. Stoke: 0.4% better than predicted

Issued on behalf of Staffordshire and West Midlands Probation







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