Free Swanswell alcohol support training extended in Barnsley by popular demand

12 May 2014

Free training delivered by Swanswell to help Barnsley services identify and offer brief support to people affected by problem alcohol use is being extended, due to popular demand.

Since June 2013, the national recovery charity has been providing alcohol Identification and Brief Advice (IBA) sessions for organisations in the Barnsley Metropolitan Council area including GP practices, pharmacists, hospitals and adult social care services.

People working in voluntary agencies, housing associations, job centres and other public-facing roles have also benefited from the short two-hour course, which teaches delegates how to provide brief interventions and advice around problem alcohol use.

The IBA training, commissioned by the Barnsley Drug and Alcohol Action Team, also highlights how to refer people to further specialist support if necessary, as well as helping them to recognise and understand the psychological, physical and social effects of alcohol.

Due to popular demand, Swanswell’s now able to offer more in-house training for organisations interested in learning new skills that could help reduce alcohol use, and promote healthy behaviour.

With millions of people in England and around one in five adult drinkers in Barnsley consuming alcohol at levels classed as ‘increasing risk’, it’s important to spot signs of problem alcohol use early, so that appropriate help can be offered.

Sharon Smyth, Swanswell’s Talent Development Manager, said: ‘Alcohol misuse puts millions of people at risk from harm every year, yet many might not even realise they’re drinking at levels that could cause problems for their health.

Public-facing organisations such as GP surgeries, dentists and hospitals are ideal settings to be able to offer brief interventions and advice to people who have visited for another reason, and may not have even realised that alcohol could be a factor.

So we’re delighted that the free training has been so popular and that we’re able to extend it in 2014 – what’s more, we’re focused on providing sessions to groups at their own workplace, meaning it can be even more relevant to an organisation’s need.

Ultimately, it’ll help identify those residents potentially at risk sooner, so they have less chance of becoming a dependent drinker or causing more harm to their health.’

To find out more about our IBA training, see our training page.







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