I'm worried about someone else

‘Having lived with someone who was affected by alcohol misuse, I know how isolating and emotionally difficult an experience it is to deal with. Swanswell provides much needed help that really can make a difference to people’s lives.’ 

Maggie Philbin, former Swanswell trustee and TV presenter

For every person with an alcohol or drug problem there’s usually at least one family member or friend trying to support them. This can be incredibly difficult. You may be worried about someone’s alcohol or drug use and not know where to turn.

You could try talking to the person you’re worried about. Try to speak to them when they’re not under the influence and explain your concerns. Offer to go with them to get help.

Remember, you don’t cause another’s substance misuse problems and you can’t cure them. You can only take responsibility for your own behaviour, not someone else’s. People must want to help themselves in order to change and be happy.

Please explore the alcohol and drugs sections for more information to help you understand what your loved one is experiencing and to help you recognise problem alcohol and drug use.

If you’d like more information or help then please contact us.

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