Stay safe on a night out

It’s party season, which usually means getting dressed up in glitzy dresses or smart suits, and having a few drinks with your friends.

Alcohol can put you at risk and make you do things you wouldn’t normally do - check out our Buzzfeed list for a few examples.

If you’re out enjoying yourself, don’t let your good night go bad, just follow these four simple tips:

1. It sounds boring, but a bit of preparation is essential for a great night out

Make sure you know how you’re getting home (and if you’re getting a taxi, make sure you budget for it). Double check you have everything you need (e.g. keys and phone), and try and stash some extra money on your person in case you lose your purse/wallet.

Also, use a trustworthy taxi service - never get into a taxi you haven’t pre-booked.

 2. Stay hydrated

Alcohol dehydrates you - one of the main reasons you feel rotten the next day. Have a glass of water before you have alcohol and alternate alcoholic drinks with water or a soft drink. 

3. Keep an eye on your drinks

When you’re having fun, it can be easy to forget the simple things, like making sure your drink is safe. It only takes a second for someone to slip something into your drink when you’re not looking.

Try and keep your drink in your hand or in eyesight at all times.

4. The ‘beer jacket’ is a myth, so remember to wrap up warm

Alcohol dilates the blood vessels near your skin, which means more blood (and heat) flows to these vessels. This takes blood and heat away from the core of your body. So your skin is warm but your organs aren’t as warm as you might think they are - which puts you at risk of hypothermia that starts setting in when your body temperature drops by two degrees.

Bonus tip

Be careful the morning after a night out. If you drank a lot or finished drinking quite late, you could wake up with alcohol in your system - even if you feel fine.

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