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Helping more people recover from alcohol and drug misuse

Since 1968, we’ve been delivering cost-effective services that get results by helping people recover from alcohol or drug misuse. Our statistics speak for themselves.

Have a look at our annual report and financial statements year ending 31 March 2015, to see how we made a difference.

In 2014/15

  • 7,767 people received treatment at Swanswell
  • we helped 2,326 people affected by alcohol misuse and 4,068 people affected by drug misuse.
  • In our Birmingham Supporting People service 86% of people achieved all of their outcomes – 11% above our target
  • In our accredited programmes 83% of people who started a programme with us completed it – that’s 18% above our target. And 90% of those who finished the programme maintained the changes they’d made 6 months later – 14% above our target
  • In the first year of delivering our Arrest Intervention Referral Service in Avon and Somerset we had 13,000 contacts with offenders in cells
  • In our Birmingham drug service we:
    • managed the largest drug service with over 2,660 people in treatment
    • met our successful completions target of 14%
    • achieved an incredibly low 4% representation rate for those coming back to treatment after 6 months
  • In our Leicestershire and Rutland service we:
    • helped 1,158 people in our drug service
    • offered appointments to 100% of new service users within the timeframe required
    • helped 1,501 people in the alcohol service
    • were 32% above target for those leaving alcohol treatment in a planned way
    • were above target by 23.2% in our young person’s service with 154 people in treatment
    • achieved successful completions in our young person’s service which were 35% above our target
  • In our Sandwell Tier 2 alcohol service we:
    • offered appointments to 94% of service users within the timeframe required
    • delivered brief and extended brief interventions to 719 people, offering nearly 9,000 appointments

Shouting about Swanswell in 2014/15

  • Held three fringe events at the Labour, Liberal Democrat and Conservative Party Conferences
  • Achieved  local, regional and national press coverage reaching a potential audience of almost 1.73 million people
  • Reported in more than 40 outlets including Yahoo News UK and the Huffington Post
  • Almost 1,300 followers on our twitter feed. Over 500 likes on our Facebook page
  • Almost 10,000 people have viewed our YouTube channel

Helping more people recover from alcohol or drug misuse

We’re committed to developing and piloting new and ground breaking projects and services that achieve great results, and really make a difference to people’s lives. Have a look at our results and reports to see how we can make a difference in your area.

Together we really can achieve a society free from problem alcohol and drug use.


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