Swanswell’s Drivewell in the West Midlands is part of the Driving Standards Agency’s Drink Drive Rehabilitation Scheme.

If you’re convicted of a drink-drive related offence, the magistrates can give you the option of attending a course like Drivewell. If you choose to attend a course, and complete it, your driving ban could be reduced by up to 25%.

Alcohol and your driving

Research suggests that a single alcoholic drink increases the risk of death or serious injury by five times.

Drivewell will give you the knowledge and skills to identify the impact alcohol has on your driving, the risks involved and how to stay safe. The scheme will also teach you:

  • about the costs to society of drink-drive offences
  • the law relating to drink-driving and other relevant drink-related offences
  • how alcohol impairs physical and mental ability and the impact on safe and responsible driving
  • how alcohol affects your body and health
  • the government limits for alcohol consumption
  • how to assess and monitor your drinking
  • how to calculate units to work out when you’ll be alcohol-free
  • how to challenge myths around alcohol and driving
  • how to use tools, skills and strategies for dealing with triggers and high-risk situations in relation to drink-driving

Dates and locations

Drivewell is held at a number of locations across the West Midlands. All our venues are close to local transport links.

Drivewell is held at various times throughout the year, including evenings and weekends.

Course fees 

£175 (£165 early booking, £158 concessionary rate). 

Book online here >

Questions about Drivewell? Contact:

T 02476 226 619


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