Swanswell’s campaigning for change

We’re a national alcohol and drug recovery charity and every year we help thousands of people to change and be happy.

We’re asking people to think again so that we can achieve our vision of a society free from problem alcohol and drug use within a generation.

Here’s a quick overview of our current campaigns, you can find out more by following the links for each campaign.

A bar too far? – alcohol in primary schools

In England and Wales alcohol was served to adults at over 9,000 events in primary schools aimed at children in 2014/15. So is it any wonder our children see alcohol as a necessary part of any social event and start to drink when they’re independent enough to?

With 109 children admitted to hospital every week because of alcohol, isn’t this a bar too far?

We think it’s time to think again and we’re campaigning for primary schools to set a better example to children by becoming alcohol free zones. Find out more here

Drink-driving - stop wasting lives and resources

Drink-driving kills 260 people and injures 10,000 people every year in the UK ruining lives and wasting resources.

With one in five offences taking place the morning after drinking why aren’t new drivers being given more information about when it’s safe to drive  after drinking and the impact of drink-driving before they offend?

We’re campaigning for a change in the law so that a mandatory drink and drug workshop is included in the driving theory test to improve drivers’ awareness of the harm caused by drink-driving before they offend. Find out more here

 Alcohol dementia - the preventable dementia

One in ten people with dementia could actually be suffering from alcohol dementia – that’s 80,000 people in the UK alone.

With the right treatment, one in four people suffering from this preventable dementia could recover completely, so why isn’t more being done to tackle this problem?

We want the government to recognise the problem of alcohol dementia and increase funding for research to tackle this preventable dementia. Find out more here


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